How it Works


 Digital Scans/ Impressions

You can either visit one of the My Smile Studios for a digital scan of your teeth or use our home impression kits to take a mould of your teeth.


Receive Your Customised Treatment Plan

Our clinical aligner team will create your personalised treatment plan and send you a digital preview for your approval.


Visit one of our Dentists and receive your clear aligners

Once you have approved your treatment plan, we will arrange for you to be seen by one of our aligner dentists to start your journey towards straighter teeth and a great new smile.

Our Pricing

Pay in Advance

£1599 £1199.00

Pay in Advance and save up on the total amount

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Pay in Instalments


Spread the cost of payment with 8 easy instalments of £150/month and an initial one-off payment of £499 - payment total £1699

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Direct Savings

By working directly with you, we're able to make clear aligners affordable by more than 70%. Getting a good smile doesn't have to cost a fortune!

Advanced Movements

Our advanced aligners don't just align your teeth, they also correct your bite issues. We can treat even the complex cases by using IPR and Attachments.

Smile Guarantee

Once you're with Snazzy, you can rest assured for a lifetime of smiles. If at any point during treatment, your teeth need further touch up, we'll cover your new aligners at no cost!

Pay All At Once


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Split In Affordable Installments


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The easy & affordable way
to straighten your teeth.


Keep flaunting that beautiful smile, while you’re undergoing the treatment. Our aligners are almost invisible, and made from industry leading materials.


Unlike many other aligner brands are aligners are manufactured in the UK to exacting clinical standards, and come at a cost that won’t break your pocket. We are as affordable as braces.


Having a dinner out tonight? With My Smile Studios your inner foodie is always smiling and well-fed. Unlike braces, there are no dietary restrictions. Our aligners are removable and easy to maintain.


Customised. Every aligner treatment plan is customised for you by leading aligner dentist Dr Biju Krishnan who has overseen the treatment of thousands of aligner cases over the past 15 years. Your aligner dentist will work with you at every step of the journey.

Meet our team of Cosmetic Dentists.

Dr. Biju Krishnan

London Centre of Cosmetic Dentistry,
United Kingdom


Dr. David Winkler

Castle View Dental,


Dr. Anita Pradhan

Ashford Smile Studio,
United Kingdom


Before & After MySmileStudios



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