MY SMILE STUDIOS is co-founded by experts within the dental industry who love to see you smile. We see dental care as self care. We want to give you easy, pain-free, empathetic, personalised care with a100% guarantee to achieve results you will be delighted with.

This is a team of experienced professionals with track records of 1000’s of successful cases.

We are a group of UK dental practices providing dental aligner treatment at affordable prices so you get the treatment you need without compromising on quality of care.

Begin your dream smile journey by getting your teeth thoroughly checked at one of our My Smile Studios and having a 3D digital scan so we can start planning your treatment immediately.

My Smile Studios - your smile is in good hands.

Meet our team of Cosmetic Dentists.

Dr. Biju Krishnan

Dr Biju Krishnan is a multiple award-winning, celebrity dentist who has transformed many thousands of smiles with minimally-invasive methods of straightening teeth over the past 20 years. He has also trained thousands of dentists in cosmetic dental procedures all around the world. He serves as an advisor on the editorial board of Aesthetic Dentistry Today, the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry and is on the advisory board of Orthodontic Practice Magazine.

Dr. David Winkler

Castle View Dental,


Dr. Anita Pradhan

My Smile Studios,
United Kingdom

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